Creator of Beautiful In Every Shade™ Delivers Lecture at Bucknell University

Creator of Beautiful in Every Shade™, Carlton Mackey spoke today in the Elaine Langone Center Gallery Theater on the campus of Bucknell University as part of the Griot Institute for Africana Studies and the Center for the Study of Race, Ethnicity & Gender spring 2016 series

This lecture series, "Honoring the Legacy of James Baldwin / African-American Art, Activism & Aesthetics," is rooted in questions about the intersections of identity, race, gender, sexuality, aesthetics, and activism as they affect and inform a wide range of African American artistic and cultural expressions. 

His talk focused on employing the life and legacy of African-American poet, playwright, author and activist James Baldwin, as a way to consider the questions surrounding the intersections of African-American art, activism and aesthetics. 

Mackey also discussed his personal sense of the ways that African-American artists engage questions of aesthetic excellence and concerns about social justice. 

He tied the focus of the lecture series to his work with D. Abbott Turner Program in Ethics & Servant Leadership at Emory University as well as his project "50 Shades of Black," one of the signature projects under Beautiful in Every Shade, which explores the intersection and complexities of skin color, sexuality and black identity using multiple forms of artistry such as essays, poems, photographs, personal narratives and paintings. 

To read more about Mackey's talk and the lecture series, click here