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BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE to participate in 2014 artDBF - AJC Decatur Book Festival

In 2013, AJCDBF launched art|DBF, an arts and culture showcase within the AJC Decatur Book Festival. art|DBF recognizes that a vibrant, creative, and economically thriving community can be achieved by elevating the visibility of the arts—literary, visual, and performing; increasing accessibility, public involvement, and attendance; and working to ensure the long-term sustainability of arts organizations.

art|DBF celebrates that storytelling, the sharing of new ideas, the creation of characters, and the transportation of audiences to places both real and imagined happens in the pages of a book, but also in the museum, on the stage, in film and video, in the studio, in the concert hall, on public streets and on the walls of buildings, and everywhere else you find artists and creators working.

In 2014, art|DBF will once again present a diverse group of artists and arts organizations who will actively engage our imaginations through stories, artist talks, installations, film, visual art, photography, and musical, dance and theatrical performances, in order to connect our citizens with the arts and cultural opportunities in Decatur and throughout Atlanta.

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