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I AM A HUMAN BEING -an interview with a Romani Chief

Ludvik Levacic, born in 1951, grew up traveling with his family and a caravan of Gypsies throughout the seven states of former Yugoslavia. To earn money for food and necessities the family played instruments for coins and repaired everything from umbrellas to bikes. According to Levacic’s oral history, the Romani people migrated from northern India during the 9th century and have settled in countries from eastern Europe to the Americas. He recalls that his people have been persecuted in different parts of the world for several hundred years. They have endured slavery, the Holocaust, sterilization, discrimination and much more.

While touring villages on the outskirts of Slovenia, BEAUTIFUL IN EVERY SHADE Co-Director Ross Oscar Knight met Ludvik Levacic. He is the Romani chief of the Kamence Village.

Read Knight's complete reflection on his website.